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Happening April 20th
Get your fraud questions answered

Live Event: Digital Trust & Safety featuring Gartner Research Analysts

It’s time to expect more from fraud prevention.

Join Sift and Gartner in real time to hear the latest industry insights and get your fraud questions answered live.

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Join Gartner Research Directors Akif Khan and Jonathan Care as they present new research in two live-only virtual sessions: How to Select a Machine Learning Vendor for Fraud Detection in Online Retail and Create Trust and Safety on the Internet.

Both talks will explore the challenges presented by today’s interconnected digital fraud ecosystem, which can easily overwhelm trust and safety teams restricted by limited resources, disparate tools, or a narrow focus on a single abuse type. Grab your spot now to find out what merchants need to do to prevent inaccurate decisioning, rising chargebacks and false positives, unnecessary friction for trusted users, and ultimately, lost revenue.


12:00PM ET | 4:00PM GMT

Akif Khan and Kevin Lee

How to Select a Machine Learning Vendor for Fraud Detection in Online Retail

Get expert tips on business considerations to prioritize, features to look for, and questions to ask when researching and comparing fraud prevention solutions.

1:00PM ET | 5:00PM GMT

Jonathan Care and Geoff Huang

Create Trust and Safety on the Internet

Dive deep into what it takes to foster a trust and safety mindset for your business, build consumer confidence in your brand, and adopt fraud-fighting strategies that scale.

Event speakers

Akif Khan

Akif Khan

Senior Director at Gartner Research

Akif is focused on payment fraud within digital commerce and banking, and on consumer identity proofing. Dr. Khan's areas of expertise include fraud prevention using both rules-based and machine learning systems, behavioral biometrics, device identification and bot mitigation, in addition to traditional and evolving techniques to validate a consumer identity in digital interactions. He also advises clients on prevention of fraud via account takeover.

Jonathan Care

Jonathan Care

Senior Director at Gartner Research

Jonathan’s area of expertise includes payment systems, cybersecurity, fraud detection and prevention applications, authentication, identity proofing, identity theft and insider threats. Before Gartner, Jonathan was responsible for running technical consulting teams specializing in PCI compliance and fraud, as well as penetration testing and digital forensics, and was responsible for providing analysis and research within Visa Europe.

Hosted by

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee

Trust and Safety Architect at Sift

Kevin has worked for the last 15+ years around developing strategies, tools, and teams responsible for billions of users and dollars of revenue. Prior to Sift, Kevin led teams at Facebook, Square, and Google.

Geoff Huang

Geoff Huang

VP Product at Sift

Geoff has led product marketing at companies like RingCentral and VMware, with a focus on go-to-market execution. He is a strong believer in simplifying the complexity of disruptive technology.


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